Creamy milk wellbeing

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Creamy milk wellbeing

The cosmetic properties are given by the rich complex of proteins, oils and butters contained in milk.

Milk has always favoured physical and mental wellbeing by drawing on our childhood memories, and its nourishing and hydrating properties make it an elixir of youth.

Special Moments with your Child
A creamy milk bath: benefit from milk’s nourishing properties while cuddling with your child. The only treatment designed to give children a moment of wellbeing and tranquillity with their parents.

Creamy milk hydromassage
For one

€ 40,00

Creamy milk hydromassage
For two

€ 50,00 (price per couple)

Free for children who have a hydromassage with their parents

Creamy milk nourishing facial treatment

€ 50,00

Creamy milk moisturizing massage

€ 65,00