The Restaurant

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The Restaurant

Our restaurant will offer you a taste of this region’s rich culinary tradition.

Tradition and taste as lifestyles

Our restaurant recounts the history of an entire family that has made cooking and hospitality a way of life

Today young expert chefs trace the footsteps of the extraordinary Mara Meoni, who for the past thirty years has been the source of inspiration for our cuisine, working every day with passion and expertise to create exquisite dishes.

A tradition based on the use of simple, natural ingredients and unique flavours, and focusing on fresh local produce and a love of Tuscan cuisine.

Passion and quality

Grilled Chianina and Cinta Senese meats, fresh homemade pasta made from stone ground flour and traditional Tuscan dishes meet fresh fish preparations, innovative recipes and the most modern cooking techniques.

You can savour our dishes while sitting comfortably in the restaurant’s relaxing ambience and admiring the view from the large windows facing the garden and the hills.

The smell of baking may distract you in the afternoons and we ask you to bear with us: we’re preparing homemade cakes to relish as dessert or at the breakfast buffet table.

Our wine cellar

The restaurant’s refined wine cellar is the fruit of our passion for wines: we are never guided by fashions but by our enthusiasm for each selected label.

There are obviously the notable Tuscan reds, along with a good selection of red and white wines from other regions of Italy, as well as the very finest sparkling wines.

Our staff is always ready to suggest the perfect wine to pair with your order, so you need never worry about having to choose.

Breakfast room

Ogni mattina troverete ad attendervi una colazione sana e nutriente preparata dal nostro staff con prodotti selezionati accuratamente.