The Hammam

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The Hammam

The Hammam is a space in which personal care, beauty, wellbeing and mental harmony come together, where the pace is dictated by slow gestures and moments of total relaxation. Our Hammam is a steam room completely lined with travertine from Rapolano; its average temperature of 38-39°C is perceived differently depending on the degree of humidity, which varies according to water usage.

After a tepid shower, you lie down on hot, moist benches where you spend some time detoxifying while quietly conversing with a companion or in total silence, listening to your body. At the end of this phase, expert hands will work away all tension and impurities through savonnage (soaping) with an olive oil and lavender soap, following an ancient technique involving the use of metal buckets and cotton sacking. Natural exfoliation, the body scrub, the sound of buckets on stone, and the soapy lather that envelops everything mark the Hammam ritual, which ends with an abundant dousing with water.

Once out of the spa you must slowly return to normality through a long period of relaxation by the poolside, where the sound of water evokes ancestral memories and a warm herbal tea gently replenishes the liquids lost during treatment. A single sitting allows you to completely unwind and leaves your skin brighter and smoother.

30 minutes in the steam room plus relaxation
(total 45-50′)

€ 48,00